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The Algar group

Track record of trend-setting and entrepreneurship

The history of the Algar group began in 1930, when the Portuguese businessman Alexandrino Garcia founded a rice processing company in Uberlândia (MG). Since then, the entrepreneurial vocation of the Garcia family and its desire to contribute to Brazil’s economic development have been the driving force behind the creation of new businesses in different market segments.


Decade 1940/50

  • We entered the automotive sales and industrial sectors;
  • We acquired the “Correio de Uberlândia” newspaper;
  • We created CTBC (Companhia de Telecomunicações do Brasil Central).

Decade 1960

  • CTBC took over other telephone companies;
  • We founded Gráfica Sabe printing company.

Decade 1970

  • We created Agropecuária Brasil Central (currently Algar Agro);
  • We acquired a soybean oil and derivatives plant, in addition to a tourism complex known today as the Rio Quente Group.

Decade 1980

  • We founded the Holding Company of the Algar group to address the expansions and diversification of the business, greatly boosting organizational governance.

Decade 1990

  • We invested in new technologies (such as Brazil’s first optical and fiber optic combination);
  • We repositioned our businesses (existing the vehicle and industrial sectors);
  • We made progress in the cable TV market (with the acquisition of Image TV) and customer relationship management (by creating the Company known today as Algar Tech) and we registered our avant-gardism in pre-paid mobile telephony in Brazil;
  • We commenced activities at UniAlgar, the Group’s business university for developing talent within the Company;
  • We created Space Vigilância (currently Algar Segurança) and we founded ACS Call Center Service (currently Algar Tech).

Decade 2000

  • We founded The Algar Institute, responsible today for coordinating our corporate social and environmental actions, unifying and strengthening the Algar brand.

Decade 2010

  • We consolidated our presence in the capital city of São Paulo and opened international offices in Colombia, Argentina and Mexico;
  • We acquired Asyst Service Desk (merged into Algar Tech), Optitel (merged with Algar Telecom) and Costa do Sauípe (merged into the Rio Quente Group);
  • We founded Algar Ventures, thereby strengthening our contribution to innovation;
  • Through Algar Telecom, we built the Monet submarine fiber optic cable connecting Brazil and the United States;
  • The Archy fund, an affiliate of GIC Special Investments, acquired approximately 25% of the capital of Algar Telecom.