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Social and environmental management

In 2017 we invested R$10.3 million in educational, cultural and environmental projects

The Algar Institute

The Algar Institute is responsible for the Algar group’s social investment, coordinating and setting the guidelines for the actions of the educational front (contributing to improving education in Brazil, with activities and training for students and teachers), the environmental front (engaging with, mobilizing and raising the awareness of the Algar companies to continue implementing environmental initiatives) and fiscal incentives (by sponsoring projects made available under municipal, state and federal tax incentives).

In 2017, through The Algar Institute we invested R$ 10.3 million in educational, cultural and environmental projects, of which R$ 2.8 million from direct funds and R$ 7.5 million from fiscal incentives. The choice of projects follows essentially strategic, geographical (related with those areas where the Company operates) and financial criteria. The Institute puts forward and implements monitoring and indicators and diagnoses that help to demonstrate the social and environmental impact of the initiatives.

See further information about the programs of The Algar Institute and its principal achievements at the Algar Institute website.