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Social and environmental management

Social Performance

Educational programs

We believe that education is the basis for a country’s development. Based on this belief, we channel our social investment to education programs, partnerships with public schools and education departments in the regions where we operate. We are present in 26 municipalities and eight states across Brazil, with the following programs:


Our Figures


In 2017, we created a partnership with Instituto Hortense, under the Escola da Inteligência (School of Intelligence) Program, which aims to develop socio-emotional education within the school environment. Founded in the Theory of Multifocal Intelligence created by the psychiatric physician Augusto Cury, the methodology seeks improvement in learning rates, enhancement of interpersonal relations and greater family participation familiar in the pupils’ all-round education. The program has already been applied at three rural schools in Uberlândia (MG), benefiting 5,000 pupils and 3,500 families.



Our employees participate as volunteers in different one-off and continuous activities, both live and remote, giving up their time, work and talent in activities under the guidance of The Algar Institute. In 2017, the Volunteers’ Meeting was held in partnership with the Alair Martins Institute (Iamar), so that experiences could be shared between professionals from the Company and members of the community.


Projects with tax incentives

We channel all resources from permitted fiscal incentives to projects in culture, healthcare, sport and support for children, adolescents and the elderly in situations of social risk. To render these sponsorships viable, we rely on the support of the Corporate Fiscal Incentives Committee which supports the identification and the management of funds at municipal, state and federal level. In 2017, 56 projects were supported, totaling investments of R$ 7.5 million. Find out more at the Algar Institute website.