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Outlook for 2018

We shall reinforce our role as a strategy manager and build up our companies

Vision of the future

We will continue to show the market our ability to exercise excellence in corporate governance, combined with the expansion of our business to strategic regions while maintaining our commitment to innovation by prioritizing digital transformation and disruptive solutions.

As a holding company, we will reinforce our role as a strategy manager and build up our companies, prioritizing investments with greater growth potential, sustainability and creation of value for our stakeholders in the long term.

In 2018, through Algar Telecom, we are going to invest in network expansion and intensification, and we will continue to push ahead with our technological innovation programs that enable us to provide high-quality service while maintaining close relationships with our clients. We shall maintain the pace of growth, founded on differentiation and quality of service.

The different actions taken by Algar Tech in 2017 to enhance operational efficiency and increase digital interaction have prepared us for even greater leaps forward in 2018, with offers of new products on digital platforms and increased migration to the cloud, including launches expected for the first half of 2018.

Our work will see us focus on optimizing the financial management of Algar Agro, a sector expected to benefit from the economic recovery in 2018. In the tourism sector, our actions will be concentrated so that the management of the Rio Quente Group is reflected in the activities and operations of Costa do Sauípe.

At Algar Ventures we have initiated a partnership with Endeavor in the search for a further 15 scale-ups, as well as with Unicamp. We have initiated the Second Cycle involving fur new business, and we will continue to accelerate the companies Netsupport, Sensix and Alsol.

We have great esteem for an environment where the Group’s employees always feel motivated, challenged and content. We believe they are essential and are responsible for our historical and future achievements; therefore, we will continue investing and fostering the qualification and training of our employees.

We believe in an economic recovery in Brazil in 2018 and, consequently, in growth in the demand for our products and solutions. When we look at our diversified business portfolio, with operations in promising sectors, we believe we are prepared to continue expanding and strengthening our companies in readiness to take advantage of the improvement in processes, the evolution in intelligence and the phase of economic growth.