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Our People

We are more than 19 thousand people, all committed to the Algar group proposal: People serving People

People management

We are a group of over 19,000 talents who decided to share knowledge, experiences and life histories to make a difference in the market across a range of sectors of the Brazilian economy. Knowing this makes us aware of our huge responsibility to our people. That is why we are careful when it comes to people management, offering our employees personal and professional development with profit sharing, prestige and well-being. This environment is recognized by the market, as can be seen from awards such as that of the best companies to work for – see more at “Awards and Acknowledgements” –, as well as by the employees themselves, based on internal satisfaction surveys.

An important instrument for obtaining the opinion of the staff is the Organizational Climate Survey, which in 2017 saw a change in format. It now includes spot polls to be carried out three times a year (in addition to the full annual version), the possibility of managers carrying out personalized surveys and monitoring the results of their departments, tools for comparative analysis with their own track record and with the market and algorithms that identifies the more pertinent comments.

The survey covered 13,529 employees, representing an adhesion rate of 74% in relation to the number of those invited. The average favorability index of the Algar group was 77%. The three organizations with the best scores were Algar Farming (89%), Algar Telecom (83%) and Algar Security (80%).

The changes and restructuring undertaken by the Group were well evaluated in the survey, while management engagement (recognition and feedback) received a 10% higher evaluation than in 2016. The item of the greatest dissatisfaction is the variable compensation, although it scored higher than the previous year.

In 2017, the Human Talents areas initiated a review of the organizational culture. The idea is to identify cultural traits that are hindering the Company’s development so as to remove them from our work environment, as well as those that will enable us to grow in a sustainable manner and increase our value. We created the Falando da Gente (Talking about Us) campaign with the aim of bringing our employees together and setting them thinking about the attitudes desirable for the Algar group, such as empathy, focus on results, the view as the owner of the business, agility and a critical sense. In addition, an event was held with the Group executives dealing with the evolution towards a more digital, simple, connected and agile mindset model.


Profile of the employees

When analyzing the characteristics of our staff, such as the division by age, gender, region where they work and company, we can be more assertive in planning our people management activities, in drawing up policies and procedures and in the search for better working conditions. We are 19,157 employees – of whom 219 are executives and 18,938 non-executives, in addition to 401 interns and young apprentices – committed to our People serving People purpose. Find out a little more about the profile of our employees.

Note: of the employees, 65% (12,428) work full time. The other 35% (6,729) work part-time.


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