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Our People

Attraction and engagement

In a highly competitive market, human talent is a differentiating factor. That is why we have different work fronts for attracting, engaging and developing our employees. In 2017, the headline actions were: The Coaching and Mentoring Program; the Executive Development Program; training in distribution channels; participation in the Leaders that Teach Program; promotion to more complex functions; and international benchmarking in high-performance companies in the technology industry.


In 2017, we launched the Performance Assessment Process (PAP) covering:


360º Assessment – of collaborative competencies involving superiors, peers, subordinates and self-appraisal;



Performance Assessment – analyses of technical competence, ability to deliver, professional aspiration assessment and annual monitoring;


Calibration Committee – evaluates, analyzes and balances the perceived performance of a group of people at the same level of complexity;



Feedback – feedback phase with the manager and analysis of the calibration report and suggested action plan;



Fulfillment of the Individual Development Plan.



These and other practices directly affect turnover, the indicator that reflects the flow of admissions, dismissals and redeployments, and demonstrates our ability to attract and retain engaged employees. In 2017, turnover was slightly down in relation to 2016, from 40% to 39%. In the analysis by age bracket, the greatest percentage was registered among employees up to the age of 30 (25%). In the division by region, the Southeast showed the highest rate (31%). See more in the “Supplementary GRI indicators”.

Each employee was given an average of 52 hours of training in 2017.